An Intertwined Reality: Short Stories for the Already but Not Yet

My most recently published book, An Intertwined Reality: Short Stories for the Already but Not Yet, is composed of 14 easy to read stories which will challenge you to think more deeply about your faith. Read an excerpt!

"An Intertwined Reality" Cover“Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” – Matthew 6:10

We live in the intersection of two worlds. This intersection is an age where death and its consequences run rampant, yet it is also an age where the reality of God’s life-giving and eternal kingdom is breaking into our present era. At the center of this intersection is Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. It is the ‘Already’ – the work of God’s redeeming love in this fallen age, molding and shaping it into the ‘Not Yet’ – a new creation, resurrected and free from the bondage of death.

These 14 short stories are a reflection of what the world once was, what it currently is, and what it is yet to become. This is the intertwined reality that we live in.

An Intertwined Reality: Short Stories for the Already but Not Yet is available in paperback (Amazon and CreateSpace estore) for the low price of $7.99! You can also purchase it as an ebook (Kindle and Nook) for only $4.99!

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The Memoirs of J.W. Bresee: 1897 – 1906

The Memoirs of J.W. Bresee: 1897 – 1906 is available in paperback (Amazon and CreateSpace estore) for $8.49 and as an ebook (Kindle and Nook) for $5.99!

Readers have called it “captivating,” “fun, easy-to-read,” and a “good adventure story!” At a low price, these are a set of fun, family-friendly stories that can’t be beat.

When the young J.W. Bresee left his comfortable Pennsylvania farmhouse in 1897, he did not expect to be embarking on a decade long odyssey.

J.W. went to the heart of the Amazon on what he thought would be a mission trip with the Methodists; instead he ended up getting lost, becoming a part of an indigenous tribe for several years, and participating in their rite of passage which involved learning the ways of the jaguar. After his rescue and return to the coast with his friend Pedro, they both signed up for an expedition whose goal was to navigate the Andes mountains and continue the exploration of Antarctica. During this trip through the Andes, J.W. met Salma, a beautiful young woman. On their way to Santiago, all three encountered warring factions high in the Andes mountains, helping them finally find peace. The expedition eventually made it to Antarctica where J.W. and his fellow expedition members, including Salma and a boat captain named “Loonbat” Wally, survived a horrific blizzard while stranded in a mountain cave. After their miraculous survival, J.W. decided to marry Salma and return home, but not before they encountered one last adventure on a depraved Caribbean island which put his life, along with the lives of Salma and Pedro, at risk.

Leaping Forward, Looking Backward

Leaping Forward, Looking Backward is available as an ebook on Kindle for just $1.29!

Check out this great science-fiction short story that will really make you think about your faith!


Chris, a young theology professor at a seminary in Philadelphia, suddenly discovers a secret report about two newly discovered planets and it changes his life, his views on the universe, and his understanding of Christianity.

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