Momentum Conference: October 22, 2016

This October 22, I’ll be teaching two workshops at the Philadelphia District Church of the Nazarene Momentum Conference at Fairview Village Church of the Nazarene in Eagleville, PA. Both of my workshops will focus on simple church life. I hope you can come! Here is the link with more information about the conference and how to sign up:

And some more information about my workshops:

Session One: Empowering Disciples through Simple Church (9:30-10:40 a.m.)

What if Church doesn’t have to look the way we’ve always thought it had to look? Your paradigm will start to shift after this session as we focus on weekly Church gatherings, what it means to be led by the Spirit, incorporating complete participation through scripture discussion, testimonies, and prayer throughout worship, and how leadership facilitates Church life. While it will be a different experience of Church for many, every aspect of Church life can be an opportunity to disciple and learn to be led by the Spirit. All of this will make effective, capable disciples who are empowered and live by Christ’s Spirit. Sometimes we just make things more complicated when they really need to be simpler.

Session Two: Practicing Simple Church (1:10-2:20 p.m.)

In “Empowering Disciples through Simple Church,” we discussed a paradigm shift for Church life and weekly Church gatherings. Join us as we actually go through a weekly worship gathering and submit ourselves to be completely led by the Spirit in every aspect. But be warned⎯this time together won’t look like a typical Sunday morning at a traditional community church. *You do not need to have come to the first session in order to come to this session.*

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